Affordable Solar Systems for Home or Business.
Sustainable Power. Dramatic Savings!

ACOS Energy is a New Jersey licensed and experienced installer of custom solar power systems. With hundreds of systems installed, we know how to design and create the most energy-efficient, cost-saving system for your home or business.

A solar power system for your home or business makes good sense. It's a wise investment, because solar power stabilizes energy costs and reduces your monthly utility bills.

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GOING SOLAR in 5 simple steps

Going Solar is Simple.

The ACOS team of expert planners, electricians and roofers assures not just a perfect installation, but also a convenient and professional experience. We want to make going solar as easy as possible, so we handle every detail from design to final inspections.

Scroll down to see how ACOS can add solar to your location in just a few simple steps.


We’ll start by evaluating how much sunlight your home or business receives, as well as available surface area, orientation, roof condition and shading. We’ll review your electrical usage history and calculate your potential savings.


Every installation is unique. We’ll customize a solar energy system that delivers all the power and savings you’re looking for. We’ll handle the permits to get started and the inspections for final approval.


We use state-of-the-art materials that carry the industry’s highest warranty. Our equipment and labor are fully guaranteed, and our company is fully licensed and insured. You’ll have a professional installation that’s durable, dependable and attractive.


Congratulations! Your ACOS system is turning sunlight into clean, efficient electrical energy. Which means you’re saving money while you’re helping the environment. And here’s a nice bonus: the utility company will pay or credit you for any extra solar power you send to their grid.


As an ACOS customer, you’ll enjoy ongoing monitoring and support of your system. We’ll track your usage and power needs, and make adjustments for maximum efficiency. As you can see, making the switch to solar is simple, safe and affordable!