About ACOS

Man Testing Solar Panel

A One-Stop for Solar Provider

We’re proud to be on leading edge of solar power installations in New Jersey. And while solar technology continues to change and improve, one thing remains the same: Our total commitment to customer service.
At ACOS Energy, we make the transition to solar power as easy and convenient as possible. We manage every step of the design and installation process, giving careful attention to every technical and aesthetic detail.
We’re a one-stop provider in every sense. And we’ll earn your confidence with our first conversation or consultation.

Expert Installation and Project Management.

A quality installation depends on having the right equipment and the best team of solar power system installers. ACOS Energy expertise includes advanced industry knowledge, and many years of experience installing hundreds of custom systems in Egg Harbor and Galloway, NJ.

Your project will have a dedicated Project Manager who will take care of all scheduling, local permits and utility inspections. You’ll always know the exact status of your installation.

Always A Custom Design.

No two rooftops are the same. Between the construction of the roof, exposure to the sun and other site-related features, there are many variables to consider. Just as important, each owner has unique goals for cost parameters, energy production and long-term savings.

Once we know your specific needs, we’ll create a custom plan to fit your home’s architecture and current electrical system. We won’t begin installation until were sure you’re completely comfortable with how your ACOS solar system will look and perform.

We’ll Help You Find And Apply For Financial Incentives.

Thanks to federal, state and local incentives, now is an excellent time to go solar. We’ll help you navigate through the various incentive programs available to you, and even help you complete and file the necessary paperwork. We’ll recommend a program that delivers maximum savings, system monitoring and support.

If you choose to lease an ACOS-installed system, you can count on your local power utility for all the ongoing support, service and monitoring you’ll need. For purchased systems in Egg Harbor and Galloway, NJ, ACOS Energy can arrange to monitor your power use and make necessary adjustments for efficiency and power levels. This service will help maximize your system investment and annual power savings.

Other Opportunities For Energy Savings.

With ACOS, going solar can lead to additional ways to improve energy efficiency and lower energy consumption. We’ll analyze your combined use of electricity and oil or gas fuel, and help you save money by using the ideal amount of each.

At your request, we’ll perform a Home Energy Audit to measure and analyze all the factors that contribute to energy loss and higher utility bills. Then we’ll recommend repairs and other changes that will save energy and reduce costs. There’s a small fee for the Audit, but the resulting savings are well worth it.