Bringing Solar Energy to Your Home

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Solar Makes $ Sense.

Over the past twenty years, solar energy has become a reliable and practical source of electricity. Today, it’s a vital part of a national movement toward clean energy. Modern solar technology has never been more efficient – or more affordable. Current local, state and federal financial incentives can reduce initial installation costs by 50%, and reduce annual energy costs by up to 60%. Installation also increases the value of your home or building, which makes solar a smart long-term investment.

The Science Behind Solar Power.

The photovoltaic electric systems that we install utilize solar panels made of thousands of small light-gathering cells made of silicon. When light hits the cells, it’s converted into a small electrical current – even on cloudy days! By combining the current from all those cells, there’s enough electricity to meet your home’s energy needs.

Solar House Illustration

Bringing Solar Energy Home.

Your ACOS solar energy system consists of just a few advanced elements. Solar panels are mounted on the roof with a good “view” of available sunlight. The direct current (DC) they produce is collected and goes into an inverter, which converts the energy into alternating current (AC) – the same type of power your local utility company provides. This AC power enters your home through an electrical panel or breaker box.

Typically, both your ACOS solar power system and your local power utility are connected to your home or business in order to provide constant power for all your needs. This dual connection is called a grid-connected system. When the solar panels produce more power than you consume, your utility meter records the excess and you receive credit from the utility. This compensation is called net-metering. If the array doesn’t generate enough energy to meet your needs, the utility automatically supplies the balance. So you always have a dependable source of the power you need.