Going Solar

Man installing solar panels

With ACOS, Going Solar is Easier Than You Think.

ACOS will manage the entire process, handling everything from the initial consultation to design, installation and final inspection. We’ll present the costs, savings and details in an easy-to-understand proposal that covers the entire process. We’ll set up a schedule that’s convenient for you, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Five steps to an ACOS solar-powered home or business.

1 – Site Evaluation

We’ll start by evaluating how much sunlight your home or business receives, as well as available surface area, orientation, roof condition and shading. We’ll review your electrical usage history and calculate your potential savings.

There’s no charge for this step. To get started with a free solar evaluation for your location, just give us a call at 609-645-0066.

2 – Custom Design

Every installation is unique. We’ll customize a solar energy system that delivers all the power and savings you’re looking for. We’ll handle the permits to get started and the inspections for final approval.

3 – Expert Installation

We use state-of-the-art materials that carry the industry’s highest warranty. Our equipment and labor are fully guaranteed, and our company is fully licensed and insured. You’ll have a professional installation that’s durable, dependable and attractive. Installation is free if you’re leasing the system from through your utility company.

4 – System Activation

Congratulations! Your ACOS system is turning sunlight into clean, efficient electrical energy, which means you’re saving money while you’re helping the environment. And here’s a nice bonus: the utility company will credit you for any extra solar power you send back into their grid.

5 – Ongoing Monitoring

As an ACOS customer, you’ll enjoy ongoing monitoring and support of your system. Monitoring is often done through the local utility, which is also responsible for maintaining the system. ACOS monitoring is available for systems sold directly to homeowners. We’ll track your usage and power needs, and make adjustments for maximum efficiency.

Making the move to solar is simple, safe and affordable. To get started with a free solar evaluation for your location, use our solar qualifier to see what you need to begin saving energy costs at your location.